Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Such a sweetheart

I had a spur of the moment "session" with my 3 year old daughter. (She poses pretty good considering she's 3 ;)) I wasn't sure how it would turn out but i ended up loving them. The blanket around her is her "flower blanket" as she calls it. She's had it since she was born and around 8 months or so became very attached to it. Now she's almost 4 and that blanket is so worn out! lol It doesn't matter how often i wash it, it still looks dirty.

Goodness i just love her.

The next ones are with a scarf.

And an outtake...

Goofy girl :)


  1. I saw these on your facebook! I love them.

  2. What a sweetie :) I love the black and white one where she's looking away from the camera.

  3. She is so pretty and you did such a great job capturing her